Ever noticed how bad things happen at the most inconvenient time, like broken dentures for example. We know how frustrating it can be to break your plate that’s why we offer you INSTANT 30 minute denture repairs.

You don’t even need an appointment just come on in. Most Repairs are done within just 30 minutes occasionally it may take a little longer if an impression is required however for the majority of cases we have you smiling again and walking out the door within 30 minutes.

We also offer 24/7 Repairs One case that particularly stands out to us is the day a Father of the Bride contacted us very upset, Stressed and Panicking. It was just hours before he was due to give her away and he lost a front tooth form his Upper Denture, can you imagine!! Well we raced to meet him at the clinic, we replaced the tooth and got him to the church on time!!

Needless to say he was extremely grateful.

If you require a repair outside of normal hours please contact our after-hours hotline on 0400 334 241

30 min Instant repairs

No Appointment Necessary Contact Us Here