Dentures can replace some or all of your missing teeth they should look natural, so we make dentures so that no-one will know your wearing them, they should be comfortable and stay in place well.

Partial Dentures

A Partial may suit you if you still have some of your own teeth. the partial denture often stays in place with clasps that are secured to your own teeth.

Full Denture

A full Denture replaces all of your teeth. You can get a full denture for the Upper teeth, Lower teeth or Both.

Immediate Denture

If you need to have any of your teeth extracted, we create a denture which is ready to be fitted straight away. We schedule this for the same appointment as the extractions. This is a fantastic solution for you! As a result of this service, you don’t need to suffer without your teeth for any length of time saving you any possible embarrassment this may cause. It is also advisable as the new denture plate acts similarly to a compression bandage, it reduces swelling and helps to keep any nasties out of the wound area.

Over Denture

An over Denture goes over any remaining teeth, or teeth roots that have not had root canal treatment. The denture is held in place by the remaining teeth or dental implants.

All types of dentures are available in our Standard, Premium, Delux or Deluxe Plus product range.

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